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Thermomodernization of production plant in Gliwice

Termomodernizacja zakładu produkcyjnego w GliwicachThe thermomodernization was successfully completed (with the replacement of the heat source) at the factory BATER Sp. z o.o. – located in Poland, Gliwice at the Pszczyńska 311 Street.

ter company thinks globally, so we decided to challenge with excessive consumption of energy for environmental pollution.

The aim of the project subsidized by WFOŚiGW was thermomodernization, including the reducing of the amount of greenhouse gases and the other pollutants (including dust).

Thermomodernization of the production plant in Gliwice – resulted in:

  • Reducing the demand for heat energy by reducing the thermal losses (insulation of walls, roofs);
  • Decrease of the infiltration (air) through the repair of all kinds of leaks (heating the cold air);
  • The replacement of the internal heating system;
  • Protection of all requirements for environmental testing (pro-ecology issues).

As a result of all changes – we obtained a constant room temperature inside the hall, which is desirable for a good quality. We also provided the required level of safety and we have an appropriate climate in the production area for our employees.

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